The School of Practical Philosophy's 10-session course, Philosophy Works, offers time-tested principles that lead to freedom and sustainable happiness. Discover how wisdom brings real satisfaction, gain tools for living life more consciously, and develop the power of attention to fully realize your potential. 

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"All Philosophy Begins in Wonder." — Socrates
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Philosophy Works classes begin in NYC the week of September 10.
There is no fee, only a $10 administrative charge. 

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The School of Practical Philosophy
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Hear From Us!

Many students are drawn to the School of Practical Philosophy for answers to life’s big questions. Some are looking to reach a new state of mindfulness, others are seeking a new approach. Some seek calmness and direction. What all discover is a path to sustainable happiness.

Tremendous transformations. Greater calmness and happiness. Students attending classes feel more peace and attentiveness; they sleep better and experience less anxiety. Experience the freedom that comes with being truly open to the present moment.

Practical Philosophy is not a theoretical undertaking: these are tools are meant to be applied to your everyday life. Principles are discussed and actively tested by students. Learn skills that cultivate wisdom, peace, clarity and happiness.

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